Sunday, May 14, 2017

Best Android App Alternatives for Facebook

The main Facebook app is very heavy. It does many things. It may invade your privacy without you knowing it. It also might drain your battery very fast. This is a big problem for many people. But you want to use Facebook so what can you do? Some people use the mobile website but one good way is to use an Android App wrapper for Facebook. In this post here are some Android apps that are great alternatives for the main Facebook app.

One drawback is that all of these apps lack push notifications. If you want push notifications from Facebook, you would need to use the main Facebook app.

1) Friendly for Facebook

In reviews, Friendly was said to be the best at looking like the actual Facebook app. It probably will give you the best experience of use. Reviewers also said that it was very battery friendly. It is very light and fast to use for your Android phone.

This app also handles Messenger so you can use this instead of the main Messenger Android app.

Free with In App Purchase. Rating is 90 / 100. 

2) Simple for Facebook 

People who used Simple said that it has worked great for everything that they have been needing to use Facebook for. You can get the pro version if you look around for a promo code. The developer who works on the app is very responsive to reported errors.

There are also some nice color themes and the ability to block Facebook Ads (called Sponsored Posts).

Free with In App Purchase. Rating is 89 / 100. 

3) Hermit

Hermit is not like a normal Facebook app wrapper because it wraps many different apps. It will do the same for Twitter and other applications as well. By doing this it makes sure that your privacy and battery life are preserved.

Free. Rating is 87 / 100 

4) Metal For Facebook and Twitter

This app has been around for a while and it used to be quite popular. It has not been updated in a bit though. This wrapper app is unique because it also wraps around Twitter too.

This version of the Android app is free. But there is a pro version of this app which costs some money.

Free. Rating is 87 / 100 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

FaceApp Growing in Popularity in Saudi Arabia

One of the most popular apps today in Saudi Arabia is FaceApp. This amazing new app is growing very fast because of its capabilities. It is able to take your photo and transform it due to the power of artificial intelligence.

This app uses similar technology to the famous app Prisma, which adds very nice filters to the pictures that you have. You can make yourself look older or more beautiful. However you want to look, it is able to do. It is no wonder that it is so popular now all across the country. And of course you can share these photos with your friends and family on your phone. While some people complain about this app not being able to do much more, it gives the developers an idea of what they must do in the future.

This app did have a controversy earlier on because it seemed that people did not like that the "hot" filter made people's skin lighter. However this app seemed to have overcome those issues easily.

Here are some app reviews from the users that people like a lot:
I am a fan of this app! The interface is smooth and easy to operate. The app it self is interesting and entertaining...

How do they do it! Marvelous app, although the younger version of me does not look anything like me as a kid (where are my dimples in tha cheeks!) ...