Monday, July 3, 2017

Top Android Password Manager Apps Recommended

Nobody is interested in memorizing all the passwords that they have to keep for all the services that they use nowadays. And using just one password for all of your services directly is a security nightmare. If someone finds out what that password is, than they would be able to access all of your services. in this post, we are going to look at a number of Android password apps.

These password managers are apps that will help you create, store, and input password for your various web services without causing you to go crazy. There are many of these password managers out there. We went through most of them and came out with ones that we thought are worth your time, money, and effort to use.

Keepass2Android Password Safe

This app is open source, and I think that is very important because it allows people to examine the security weaknesses within the code and identify any that might cause your private data to be compromised. It works as simple as you might expect it to be. There is a local file and nothing gets uploaded to the cloud so there is nothing that may potentially be stolen from data servers that you do not own. For those who are very paranoid, it makes no sense that someone would trust all of their passwords to some cloud provider that they don't even know.

Enpass Password Manager

This is a solid app that people have been using for ages. You can store 20 passwords for free on your Android phone, and then an unlimited amount on the desktop. It looks nice, it works, and has a number of browser extensions so that you are able to sync your passwords and use them wherever.


Kind of like the first entry on this list, this app is open source. It is also free and available for anyone to use it. You are able to sync your password file with Google drive if you wish. But at the same time there is a fully offline Hardware password file that stays on your phone. If you need it, there is pin support, fingerprint unlock support, and Autofill support.

bitwarden Password Manager

Another open-source password manager. It is also free, with all the features of the above.

If the above 4 are not of any interest to you, then some of these might be. They have come recommended by other users. However, this review have not been able to look at them yet.

Password Manager SafeInCloud™

LastPass Password Manager