Android Apps Starter Kit For A New Phone

Just got a new Android phone? Here are the apps you need to get started.

Nova Launcher: 

It can be customized many different ways and it looks very nice. Many people have tested launcher apps like this one but in their opinion this one is still the best.

GSam Battery Monitor:

This is a top manager that tells you when you are almost out of battery. You should be using this app if you have a new Android phone because you want to know when you need to have battery. It correctly looks at wakelocks. It does not need cellular data but if you give it access then it could be a lot better. This also includes information about the kernel and the Android system and how much battery those are using too.

QuickPic Gallery:

This is the best app for looking at your photos. It has a high rating and does not use a lot of RAM. It is a light running app and is also very light.


This is an Android app that does not exist on iPhone. This is similar to another app called Link Bubble but that one does not work as well as this one. This app lets you load articles to read in the background of the phone so that you can do something productive while waiting for your links to load. There is also an ad blocker that lets you not see the ads on the links that you go to.