Top Android Password Manager Apps Recommended

Nobody is interested in memorizing all the passwords that they have to keep for all the services that they use nowadays. And using just one password for all of your services directly is a security nightmare. If someone finds out what that password is, than they would be able to access all of your services…. read more »

Best Document Scanner Android Apps

Best Document Scanner Android Apps Android phones’ cameras have gotten so good recently that they are now capable of taking pictures that can be used as documents. However, there are a lot of apps that are capable of doing this but they have annoying features and might be difficult to use. It also could cost… read more »

Very Fun Crossword Android Apps

Very Fun Crossword Android Apps There are many games that people want to play on their Android phone but sometimes you want something simple. Crossword game apps have been very popular because they are easy to play and familiar. They make your English language skills much better. Learn new words and play a game!!! Here… read more »

How to Find Android Battery Issues With These Apps

How to Find Android Battery Issues With These Apps Apps You Can Use Android phones can have better battery life if you use certain apps that help you identify when an app is causing you issues. The phone might try to help you but the best way is to use apps. Here are two very… read more »

Best Android App Alternatives for Facebook

The main Facebook app is very heavy. It does many things. It may invade your privacy without you knowing it. It also might drain your battery very fast. This is a big problem for many people. But you want to use Facebook so what can you do? Some people use the mobile website but one good way… read more »