FaceApp Growing in Popularity in Saudi Arabia

One of the most popular apps today in Saudi Arabia is FaceApp. This amazing new app is growing very fast because of its capabilities. It is able to take your photo and transform it due to the power of artificial intelligence.

This app uses similar technology to the famous app Prisma, which adds very nice filters to the pictures that you have. You can make yourself look older or more beautiful. However you want to look, it is able to do. It is no wonder that it is so popular now all across the country. And of course you can share these photos with your friends and family on your phone. While some people complain about this app not being able to do much more, it gives the developers an idea of what they must do in the future.

This app did have a controversy earlier on because it seemed that people did not like that the “hot” filter made people’s skin lighter. However this app seemed to have overcome those issues easily.

Here are some app reviews from the users that people like a lot:

I am a fan of this app! The interface is smooth and easy to operate. The app it self is interesting and entertaining…

How do they do it! Marvelous app, although the younger version of me does not look anything like me as a kid (where are my dimples in tha cheeks!) …


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