How to Find Android Battery Issues With These Apps

How to Find Android Battery Issues With These Apps

Apps You Can Use

Android phones can have better battery life if you use certain apps that help you identify when an app is causing you issues. The phone might try to help you but the best way is to use apps. Here are two very good ones.

Wakelock Detector


Since KitKat, you need root to use BetterBatteryStats but there is going to be a lot of value from it. For example, you might one day have issues with wi-fi and Google Play Services sucking your battery. Google to see if there are any new issues of the same problem but if you come up with nothing then you should try these applications. After installing BetterBatteryStats, you leave it running for a few hours, and then look at the Network stats. I was able to find out that the Weather Timeline was keeping my wi-fi awake due to me using it on my Dashclock widget. I removed it and the issue was solved.

Snapdragon Battery Guru

Before installing this app – I had issues with my phone running out of battery at the end of the day. Now that I have installed it – I can get to the end of the day at 6 PM very easily.


Another well known app that many people say is the best app for monitoring your battery and finding out when something is sucking away your battery life.

Non App Things

  • You can also get a faster charging phone if you turn off your radios including the Wifi and the cellular.
  • Mobile signal quality. If the signal is weak then the battery life will be shorter


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