Very Fun Crossword Android Apps

Very Fun Crossword Android Apps

There are many games that people want to play on their Android phone but sometimes you want something simple. Crossword game apps have been very popular because they are easy to play and familiar. They make your English language skills much better. Learn new words and play a game!!!

Here are some of our top Android crossword apps.


This is one that many have recommended. It has a nice design that is good to look at. It also has many sources like the New York Times and Newsday. You can import your own crosswords and then there is the ability to catch cheating.

Best of all. It is 100% free with no ads.


This app has many similar features and it is also free. This simple Android app is a good backup if you do not like the ones you have gotten already

New York Times App

Many times it seems like the top Android apps for crosswords are poor without the good puzzles. Really, the best puzzles are made by the New York Times. But their app can be troublesome sometimes. Keep an eye on this.


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