Video Downloader Android Best Apps

These are Android best apps for videodownloader purpose that you can use to download videos from different websites.


This helpful app has been gaining a lot of support in recent times. This app is not in the Google Play Store of course but there is a donation app there that you can use to unlock the premium features. This version though has a lot of features:

  • Get ALL resolutions including 1080p, 1440p, 4K and 8K
  • Supports downloading audio and playlists
  • Very good tags and metadata available to you and then that is put in the video
  • Supports resuming paused downloads
  • Very high quality downloads

The Android videodownloader is very good because it is based on one of the top projects that download from YouTube.


This Android Videodownloader app has a very good audience. This videodownloader does not rely on any of the Google services so Google cannot track you while you use it. Your data is not left with Google!

This is a high privacy videodownloader app for Android.

Dentex YouTube Downloader:

Dentex YouTube Downloader’s is a video downloader app for Android that has three big features for you. First, you can search for any video you want to download and it works in just a few seconds. In the second tab, you can choose the format and quality of the video that you want to download or the audio you want to download (720p, 480p, MP4, MP3 …). Finally, the third tab displays a list of all the videos you’ve downloaded so far.

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